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Plush Water Brush Kit
Plush Water Brush Kit

Plush Water Brush Kit

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Fits any ACME threaded Pole

Can be used with either
Plush water brush 5-metre pole
Or virtually any other pole

The Plush Water Brush Kit is fantastic for so many jobs around the house, Eaves, Solar Panels, Car-Van-Caravan washing and so much more.

Great For:

  • Solar Panels
  • Eaves
  • Car Washing

The Kit contains Plush Water Brush and 7 metres of tubing with valve and hose connector (it attaches the same way as a trigger spray) Plush Water Brush fits any Pole with ACME thread ie Paint Pole Thread, once tubing is connected you can turn virtually any pole into a water pole

Can be purchased as a full kit including our pole